Saturday, January 27, 2007

Flower Passage

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Flower Passage is the L-Shaped courtyard of a building, named Cite de Pera, one of the first European style buildings constructed during the Ottoman Empire in the 19'Th century. During that time the Cite de Pera building hosted mostly flower shops on its ground floor and offices on the floors above. In the 1980's a part of the building collapsed and the lovely building was closed. It was renovated and re-opened at 1988 as a upscale eating and dining locale. There were no flower shops anymore but the name remains the same....Each evening the tables are filled with people from all around the world and Turks of course, eating and drinking Turkish Raki, beer or wine...

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Dsole said...

I'm so ashamed of my self, the only turkish food i have ever tried is Donner-Kebap... :S