Saturday, March 24, 2007


How many pair of shoes do you buy a year?
Is there any brand you prefer?
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isabella said...

Oh la la! I don't care what he asks...I'll answer! He's just my type - tall, dark, handsome and he likes to talk about shoes ;-)))))
(Oya, you are a lucky girl!)

Kate said...

Oh, Isabella! I thought you'd give 'em the boot instead of enticing him with your charms! I do agree; he's a good looking dude! Good expressive portrait!

Mandy said...

I can see another one lurking in the background. I'd shoot the inquisitive *&*&*

Anonymous said...

. . . he's adorable!

Rauf said...

One look at me and my shoes, he would run Oya, no questions to me.
Been wearing the same for over two years. I make the best use of my shoes. I walk walk walk and walk.
They are my best friends.

Nikon said...

Intersting comments Oya!
I'll pass on the guy - as to shoes, I live in Bluejeans & sneakers - the sneakers ( or "joggers") usually last me about 6 months.

dijah said...

I only buy them twice a year.
nice potrait!

Nathalie said...

Thanks to you, very kind girl, treating us to this portrait of this very attractive young man. Looks like he'd have dates all around the world if he wanted to travel !

I'm always too shy to ask people if I can take pictures of them, although in the rare cases when I've asked people never said no.

John Roberts said...

1-2 pair/year. Brand? What's on sale?

jules said...

I wear Birkenstock's (clogs for winter, sandles for everything else) or nothing at all, unless I'm at work (Land Surveying). Then I have 3 different types of boots (snow, rain/mud, summer). Birkenstock's last me about 7 to 9 years. I'll be getting new ones this year. The work boots I go though much more often, 1 to 2 years, so I go for what's on sale.

kris said...

LOL!! i echo isabella's comment! and i think he'd look so good in the movie "300" ;)

Oya said...

Isabella, you are funny:) But I never thought about that, actually it is good to be able to talk about shoes with a guy:)
Nathalie, usually I am shy too. In this case he aproached me to ask some questions, with his big smile. I said, ok I answer but I take your photo. We made a deal. Geee....he kept asking, asking and asking....Finally I get a discount cheque from a big shoe center......and this pose. Nice ha?

I am buying 2 pair of Puma's at least. When I walk Ollie, I wear them most of the time. The others, I mean fashionable ones....oh, I can't tell....Girls, you know what I mean:)

Dsole said...

Oya, what a cute guy!! ^^
I would have let him make a questionnaire too! ;)

BuJ said...

Oya.. i think you got a streak of madness in you!
I'd never photograph a questionnaire guy/girl.. mind you i run away from them.. they annoy me and if they catch up with me or corner me i tend to be rude to them.. not in a rude way but a sarcastic way... and they don't like it.. so we keep our distance!

i bet you disarmed him BIG TIME by asking for his picture.. lol. it seemed like he knew he was gonna be photographed...

mind you.. if a cute girl stopped me in the street for some questions.. i would probably enjoy photographing her :)

CG said...

Hmmm, at first glance he looks quite cute. Then I zoomed in (as I do to all my prey) and saw his teeth.........YEEEEEEEK. And the turn off.
No Turkish Delight for me.

As for the shoes, Reeboks every 6 months, hush puppies every year and about 8 - 10 pairs of stupid buys a year that end up in my collection.

Monica said...

Everything is great about this post. The good looking, friendly smile dude, and the shoe talking! What girl wouldn't like that!!!
I can't tell either, I've lost count on how many shoes I buy a year... although it's not thaaaat many, since I wouldn't have a closet big enough to keep them