Thursday, March 29, 2007

Waiting for the Ferry / Part 4

This locomotive is one of the first ones, that served at this railway station.
It sits next to the neat building that I have been posting for four days.
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isabella said...

Yipee! It's a choo-choo train!
How nice of them to preserve it so well!

This photo reminds me of the children's book "The Little Engine that Could" (I-think-I-can!) - do you know it?

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

I want one, I want one, I want one, I want one, --- You see how onomatopoeic are in each language some words and how kids help in it. Isabella called it "choo-choo", in Italy my-age-kids called it: "ciuf-ciuf". Do you have similar in Turkish Oya?

Mike said...

Nice surprise! I love trains (see my blog entry for today in fact). Thanks for sharing this photo. They have done a magnificent job of restoration.

GMG said...

What a nice way of waiting for a ferry... Beautiful pictures you have here!

Olivier said...

bravo pour cette serie "ferry". la locomtive à vapeur est tres belle.
je te souhaite un bon weekend

cheer for this series “ferry”. the locomtive one with vapor is very beautiful. I wish you a good weekend

Oya said...

Isabella, no, I do not know, I will check.

Fabrizio; we say chuf chuf...Really interesting...

Rauf said...

Until recently we had them running Oya, now they have all gone to the Railway museum at different cities.
Don't wear a white shite shirt when you travel by a steam locomotive, I still remember my mom telling me.

BuJ said...

hey Oya.. I WAS THERE!
I remember that place.. even though I went as a kid.

Is that place where u take the ferry to Beyuk Ada? I'm not sure about the spelling.. but it's an island that may belong to Greece and has lots of Turkish people .. and the restaurants are owned by jews.

it was hilarious when we went.. i was with my parents and we sat down at this resto.. and the owner of the nearby restuarant came to us (while we're sat at his competitors) and said NOOO HE'S JEWISH.. leave him..

dad said yeh.. but their food is halal for us.. so we're not moving.

then he left.

the owner came.. smiled.. and told us that both of them are jewish and he's always trying to steal his customers.

it was amusing to say the least.. i'd like to go there again and see if they decide i'm worth fighting for hehe

zannnie said...

cool looking train, wow!:)

Oya said...

Buj, it is called Buyuk Ada ( means Big Island) . This is very close to that terminal. Both are in Kadikoy. Buyuk Ada is a Turkish island, but most of the poulation is jewish. They have all their summer houses there. It really is very beatiful place to go. I do not thing, they still fight for costumers.:), because it is very very crowded now.

BuJ said...

super.. i can connect with that!
sorry about the confusion.. but there are so many islands there and i'm not sure who belongs to what :)

at least with a jewish resto u know the food will be clean.. but hey.. hope u get ur internet soon!

Ferry said...

Hey! you got a nice place, waiting for a ferry. I liked the way locomotive was served at the railway station, really its cool.