Monday, April 30, 2007


Don't know the exact name of this primitive looking pots.
All I know is, whatever is cooked with it, ends up being delicious.
Usually it is used in a slow cooking process...
Anyone could tell me the name?


Kate said...

Although I have seen clay pots for cooking on sale at various shops, I've never used them. Perhaps I should try?!

photowannabe said...

Don't know the name but love this shot. I like the earthy clay tones.

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

We use these kind fo pots them too.

P.S. I'm very sorry on what is happening in Ankara in these days and I hope that everything will calm down.

Moi said...

i love earthen pots.......back in India, they used to serve tea in earthen cups and in summers , rural India still uses long-necked pots to keep water cold and it works like a charm!!!! :)
i wish i cud tell u the name ......we generally call them earthenware, or clay-pots ...not much of a help there!!! :D

Kala said...

I wish I knew the name but I don't - in either case, it sounds like the food would be quite delicious =)

jules said...

Definitions of olla

Pronunciation: (ô'lyä, ô'yä; Eng. ol'u),
—n. Spanish.
1. a pot, esp. an earthen pot for holding water, cooking, etc.
2. a stew.

But I think most people just call them 'clay pots', unless you're in Spain or Mexico.