Thursday, June 28, 2007

From Plane

A gift from our friend Emil to Istanbul Daily Photo
Taken from the plane at November 2006
It is the Bosphorus Bridge, between Europe and Asia.
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Anonymous said...

It is a nice photograph. And I have one that I took in 1955 of Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. I was flying home from Japan. And Patty and I got married that summer. What a lot of memories your photo caused.

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Gerald England said...

It looks a very busy bridge judging by the amount pf traffic, but you don't say which part is Europe and which Asia.

Emil said...

In the moment I took the picture, the plane was on european side.
@abraham lincoln - I'm glad I brought a smile on your face. I'd like to see your photo.
@gerald england - it is a veeery busy bridge, I cossed it twice in that days, it was november, and the cars were a long noisy snake...
@oya - don't forget to put my blog on your blogroll. Thanks you all!

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Great photo indeed. I love to picture what in centuries this short strip of sea meant.

Ann said...

It must be interesting to be stuck in traffic over the water : in between two continents.