Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Artrium Antique Shop

Artrium is an antique shop. When you're going to an antique shop, you expect to see old things, right? This shop welcomes you with these tin ornaments on the door . I liked the contradiction about it and decided to share...
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~tanty~ said...

My first visit to your blog. A little too late, but I want to welcome you to the DP family. Greetings from Stavanger.

isabella said...

Lovely blog, Oya! Love the spices and pickles post, but mostly I'm happy to meet Ollie - what a sweetheart!
Please check out my post on dogs here:
Thanks for visiting!

Celine said...

Welcome to the daily photo family!

I look forward to learning about Istanbul through your photos.

Greetings from Stayton, Oregon, USA.

alice said...

Happy to meet you by DP blogs and welcome!