Thursday, March 8, 2007

Rahmi Koc Museum

I am taking you to the Rahmi Koc Museum today.
I haven't been there, I took this photo from the sea side on the ferry.
My friend Emre was there and he says;
"This museum exhibits industrial and technological objects, engravings, paintings and models. There is also a cafeteria and a restaurant open to visitors. "
This vessel was originally built at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, USA in 1944: it is more than 93m long, and displaces more than 2,400 tons. The boat saw service in the Second World War against the Japanese before being decommissioned and placed in the US Navy Reserve fleet in 1946.
She was transferred to the Turkish Navy on 2nd July 1971, and renamed TCG Uluçalireis. She then gave thirty years of valuable service to the Republic of Turkey before being finally transferred to the care of this Museum in 2001
Ask Emre for open hours and address.
He gives a lot of practical information not for only this museum , also for Istanbul visitors.
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Kate said...

Wow! Haven't seen one of these in a long time!

Dad of Four said...

I like how the black vessel is imposed against muti-coloured buildings thus giving its prominence!

Chuckeroon said...

Submarine against cheerful vilage backgrond. Nice snap. Glad I scared you !!! :-)

Monica said...

Great shot, we don´t see that everyday.

I must say yesterday´s post inspired me and I´m glad I had the chance to have lunch and a cup of coffee at a nice bistrô.

And hey, congrats on Woman´s International Day! Our Day!

isabella said...

She gets around, doesn't she ;-)

Carraol said...

Its a hard contrast, the colourful background with the submarine, it must be an interesting museum, great picture!

John Roberts said...

I love all the colorful buildings in the background. Istanbul is a lot more colorful than I imagined.

Sally said...

Nice pic; would liek to visit this museum - heard good things about it!

Kala said...

that is a wealth of history just for one ship/submarine - interesting that the U.S. used this before they gave it to turkey - i did not know U.S. had/has such a close military relationship with this country - it must be interesting to be walking into a submarine - what caught my attention was the awesome colors of the buildings in the background!

Olivier said...

surprenant un sous-marin musée. moi qui ne supporte pas d'etre enfermé ;o)
Je te souhaite un bon weekend

surprising a submarine museum. me which does not support to be locked up; O) I wish you a good weekend

M.Benaut said...

This would have to be one of your very best, a really beautifully composed and presented image. I love it !!

Chad Oneil said...